If only it is possible for us to remain an essential sector for the economy, no doubt we will say agri-food. Representing 12% of our GDP, it has been consolidated as the first sector of the Spanish economy and has demonstrated its strong resistance to the economic crisis, maintaining itself stable and with a great capacity to react to the global pandemic.


This resistance in part has also been due to the adaptation to the new trends imposed by omnichannel consumption and the new demands of consumers.

DOT Consulting knows that it is a priority for the sector to manage the funds in an adequate way to be able to continue affirming that the agri-food sector is and will continue to be fundamental, and that our products, consolidated in the internal market, will continue to be highly demanded and also valued overseas..

The sector is oriented towards a more efficient and sustainable agri-food system throughout the value chain, recognized by government and regional bodies and at European level. Strategies of cooperation and concentration for a larger dimension, maintenance of the margins through  improvements or the development of efficient productive processes are some of the tendencies of the sector.

Environmental sustainability, food safety and digital transformation are some of the main components of the agri-food sector today. DOT Consulting brings refreshing perspectives, working closely with the teams of our clients to incorporate new ideas and help to make important changes that produce significant results.

  • Knowledge management: market, distributor and client.
  • Transformation and disruptive business models
  • Route to market design
  • Market information of the client for the decision maker
  • Digitization of operational models