Retail and Consumer goods

The European Commission places Spain as the second EU country with the most restrictions on the exercise of retail trade. The complex regulatory framework of trade means that the regulatory environment is not modernized to the requirements of the 21st century.

Retail and Consumer goods

If the regulatory difficulties affect the changes in consumer behavior and the severe needs, the complexity increases considerably. Furthermore, the global pandemic has accelerated the change in the future of a new retail business, as well as important digital investments aimed at two great objectives: adapting to the consumer's customs and being more competitive in the sector.

Our retail consulting practice supports our clients to innovate and transform-be to anticipate the change and open the path to a new model of retail business.

At DOT Consulting we focus to overcome the limits of its performance, knowing that it is the tract of a dynamic sector. For now, we work to automate what is transactional and create multifunctional teams, define, try to collect and analyze data to expand or integrate these capabilities to its operating model.

  • Optimization of commercial management and customer service
  • Sales strategy, segmentation and customer relationship
  • Customer experience. Quality and digitalization of the Customer Journey
  • Digitization of the commercial management model
  • Market analytics and our business models
  • Customer risk management
  • Efficiency of commercial operations

Increased revenue through after-sales service

The company

The client is a public multinational group dedicated to the development of equipment for the sustainable use of water. It operates in 47 countries and its products can be found in 170 countries, for that it has 150 delegations. The company generates more than 2,000 million euros in sales, and 80% of its business is outside Spain (2021 data). The company employs almost 7,000 workers, with more than 39,000 clients (distributors), with whom it manages more than 20,000 references.

The challenge

Our client's Technical Assistance Service (TAS) was carried out differently in each market/country, in which different non-standard practices coexist. In all markets, the service is provided through distributors over whom they had limited control, although support is provided from the brand's delegations. The main problem was the large response times to the customer needs, which was aggravated in some months with heavier workload. There is also no clear control of distribution costs, which are assumed as part of the cost of the sale.

Our client turns to DOT with the objective of designing an operating model that allows greater control of the distribution chain and encourages the sale of additional services and cross-selling.

Increased revenue through after-sales service
Our answer

The diversity of models in the different countries was a challenge because the company's policy and strategy had to be aligned with the specific characteristics of each country.

  • We analyzed the activity in 4 different markets: Spain, France, Australia and the retail channel. Best practices from differences markets were identified, as well as areas for improvement of the different models. This internal benchmark was expanded to identify best practices from the competition in each country.
  • The new TAS model defined allowed the company to position itself as a market reference in service excellence. In addition, it enabled an increase in income due to an increase in sales and recurrence.