Pharma and health care

The global need for innovative and affordable medicines continues to increase. Moreover, each copy is more necessary for efficiency in production and transparency and access to information. Companies in the pharmaceutical sector are rapidly evolving from focusing on selling products to benefiting millions of patients' health.

Pharma and health care

Organizations must be prepared to take advantage of the infinite possibilities that will surprise and redefine the patient experience and the future of the health ecosystem.

Patient recovery is accelerating thanks to mass changes, including advances in digital health, the emergence of darreres therapists, and the heyday of personalized and value-based care.

The transformation of medical care happens due to the envelliment of the population due to chronic illnesses and the global pandemic, which entails overcoming challenges each time greater. Medicine is becoming more specific, personalized and effective. Companies are looking for the best ways to improve R&D, increase the efficiency of their operations and streamline the cost of business operations.

Providing the best medical care at an affordable cost is one of the most important challenges facing people, and it really depends on a large number of contributors exercising their role.

At DOT Consulting, we use our experience and knowledge of the entire value chain of the pharmaceutical and health sector to help our clients adapt to change, innovate and transform themselves to achieve their potential.

Serve the patient: we support the companies to offer a better service of attention to the patients, since we serve the users and patients end to the creation of our models of growth.

Commercial teams: design and implement commercial models adapted to our services and demands of the market, mitigating the training of commercial teams and eines.

Supply chain: rebuild the supply chain by making it more agile and efficient.

Technology services: adaptation of the organization to the most appropriate technology for operations and service providers.

Efficiency and effectiveness of the seven operations: We work hard with our clients, helping them to achieve better performance while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the seven operations.

DOT Consulting works between public and private entities and allows them to have a wide knowledge of the sector and an elevated knowledge of public policies and the purposes of companies. We support our clients to analyze them its processes and define our models of management and provision of services that contribute to increasing efficiency, offering millions of treatments, increasing the quality of care and increasing results in health.

  • Segmentation, diversification of services and pricing
  • Business integration in mergers and acquisitions
  • Detection and management of induced activity and cross-linking
  • Training of equipment for growth
  • Optimization of resources and sustainable profitability
  • Internalization and outsourcing of services

Care Model growth in health care environment

The company

Our client is a worldwide reference Clinic in the treatment of cancer patients. The medical team of this institute is made up of top-level oncologists, with publications in the most prestigious scientific journals and with leadership positions in the most relevant oncology associations worldwide.

Its facilities are located in one of the best hospitals in Barcelona, part of one of the largest European hospital groups, where they carry out more than 25,000 medical visits and 6,000 chemotherapy treatments per year.

The challenge

The hospital group with which it had formed the alliance, raised the possibility of integrating another clinic under the Institute's brand. A clinic that offered similar services in another of its hospitals in the same city.

The initial approach was based on exporting the successful model to the two institutes, in order to increase the volume of patients, clinical trials and take advantage of the synergies generated by the confluence of actors.

Care Model growth in health care environment
Our answer

DOT identified the key aspects of the customer care model and adapted it to the two institutes. Subsequently, different integration scenarios were assessed, based on the strengths of each organization and the growth potential of each of them, the risk related with the operation was as well estimated.

  • The optimal scenario was selected, and a first design of the new customer care model was carried out in which it was defined: the distribution of specialties and services by center, the distribution of the medical and auxiliary team, the mechanisms for their coordination and the resulting organization chart.
  • With the aim of ensuring the success of the integration between the two entities with such different cultures, a roadmap was designed with the detailed steps to be followed, the key milestones of the process and external communication actions to be carried out.