Sales and marketing

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Digital transformation accelerates business process change, and businesses are more connected to their customers than ever. The great diversity of marketing and sales channels leads to confusion, which makes it difficult to keep people's attention. Businesses face increasing competition, from anyone, anywhere in the world.

DOT Consulting marketing consulting team supports clients to adapt and harness the disruption between the digital and physical worlds to create competitive advantage through their sales and marketing. We understand the trends that shape your market, its challenges and opportunities, and we create innovative ideas that put you in front of the people who matter most to you, the customers.

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Sales and marketing

Overcome competition and complexity
to find new routes to market

We are widely recognized for excellence in marketing and sales consulting. We offer a strategic perspective and offer support in the development of innovative marketing solutions. Our style of working side by side with our clients makes it easy to achieve real, tangible change.
Our consultants are experts in the latest ideas and best practices in marketing and sales, accumulating many years of experience in a wide range of industries and in the service sector.
  • Commercial excellence

    We support b2b and b2c companies achieve business excellence by creating a customer-centric behavior model specifically designed to align messages and get to the front line.
  • Customer relationship management

    We support our clients build and implement powerful new marketing and customer management systems.
  • Prices and packages

    We use customer feedback and a strong quantitative approach to support customers with decisions making consistently better pricing decisions.
  • Sales force efficiency

    We support clients balance current client capitalization and obtain new customers.
  • Customer experience

    We provide support to improve the experience by implementing a service innovation process that links a customer's emotional response to a product or service.
  • Innovation in market space

    We support our clients to increase customer share and geographic market segment shares by increasing product, extended service offerings and solutions in an efficient and effective manner.