Cost savings in medical centers

The rise in costs due to the price crisis in goods and services, supply problems, the weak post-Covid-19 recovery and the threat of an imminent recession are factors that have led to the loss of purchasing power of consumers and considerably affected the business fabric.

The inflationary crisis seems to be coming to an end both large companies and small business continue to suffer the consequences; specifically, many medical clinics have perceived how the increase in costs and the decrease in margins has led them to rethink the viability and survival of business models.

On the other hand, some of these centers place volumes of orders that do not meet the expectations of the supplier, which means less bargaining power with it.

At DOT Consulting, the experience accumulated in this type of case has taught us that his increase in costs should not affect customers at the risk of losing competitiveness and, even less, affecting the quality of the service offered. Otherwise, it could mean the loss of customers and the consequent migration of customers to large chains that offer more competitive prices due to greater bargaining power with suppliers and medical mutual societies.

To avoid this type of situation, at DOT Consulting we have developed a method focused on reducing costs specifically and particularly aimed at medical centers, obtaining dizzying results:

  • Cost reduction in 100% of projects
  • 20% average savings
  • Improvement and optimization of processes through the BPM methodology
  • Degree of satisfaction greater than 9,4 out of 10

Below, we explain the procedure in more detail:

  1. Identification of the real costs of the clinic and determination of possible areas of action where to save costs, with the aim of designing and implementing an action plan that allows obtaining a sustainable and realistic reduction in its costs structure.
  2. Having extensive experience in the sector, we take care of contacting and renegotiating prices with the main suppliers in the market.
  3. Implementation of control mechanisms that provide us with a broad vision of evolution, thus allowing visibility on noncompilance and that, in addition, facilitate the control of deviations from the established objectives.

These are some of the many real benefits that our clients have obtained thanks to the implementation of the DOT Consulting method:

  • Reduction in the purchase price of products with a high percentage of rotation
  • Improved stock and inventory management
  • Reduction of costs derived from energy consumption
  • Reduction of prices derived from shipping logistics
  • Reduction in the costs of invoices from service providers
  • Reducing or eliminating customer wait time on the phone
  • Reduction of administrative time in conciliation of mutual societies
  • Tax rebates on research or innovation projects

At DOT Consulting we are aware of the difficulty that it would mean for many centers to carry out all this procedure on their own and, therefore, we offer you our services, from start to finish, to carry it out.


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