Digital Transformation

Benefits of good advice

The importance of the Digital Transformation

The world moves forward quickly, and the digital transformation is the order of the day. Around the year 2000, digitalization started to allow everyone who stood up for it to become open to new opportunities. Only few companies did it and that’s why those companies that achieved an important presence on internet were two steps ahead than others. Nowadays it’s not enough with that presence, it’s also necessary to change the mindset in our jobs and adapt to the digital era.

According to 2021 Digital Society and Economy Index (DESI for their acronym in Spanish), Spain is ranked 9 among EU 27 in terms of digital transformation in all analyzed categories in this research: digital public services, connectivity, human capital and digital technologies integration.

The report highlights that for the time being “57% of the population of Spain have basic digital skills” and adds that “only 31% counts on higher skills”. Before 2030 the need is to increase that figure to 80%, “in order to achieve the European target that all the population of Europe have at least basic skills in the digital world”. For now, “there is a 36% of the population that does not have those skills, what hinders the companies digitalization progress and the acceptance of advanced digital technologies”.


What does Digital Transformation consist of?

When someone talks about digital transformation or digitalization talks about applying new technologies in practice, processes, products and functionalities of the companies. The main goal is to improve the added value offered to the customers, manage the risks and afford new business opportunities.


Which are the benefits of the Digital Transformation?

Through the digital transformation, companies acquire new skills that allow to stand out from their competitors and create new customer experiences, improve operative efficiency, dig deeper in data analysis, get new sources of income, adapt quicker to market movements, boost innovation culture inside the company and promote the cooperation of the employees. 



Digital Transformation

Take advice from professionals is vital

Attending the differences of each company, it is important to take advice to create a digitalization strategy according to the characteristics, objectives and size of each business. And there is where DOT can bring value.

Taking the step of digitalize a company together with a professional allows to know where the company is in relation to its competitors and the sector where it belongs. DOT Consulting identifies and improves higher value-added operations for the customers. We also take care of generating new business opportunities based on new technologies and the business model of each organization. In addition, we believe in the importance of allowing all members of the company to adapt to the new business model, regardless of their generation. That is why we accompany you in the management of this process personally.

Why should you bet on digitization?

Investing in digitization is contributing to achieve this goal and is synonymous with opening to a world full of possibilities. It is a continuous, cyclical and adaptive improvement process of the organization.


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