Entertainment, media and education

The entertainment business is constantly expanding because each time there is more production of contingents. The creation of incessant value is the essential dynamic in the sectors of entertainment, media and education.

Entertainment, media and education

This dynamic of the market is radically changing,now that the need to improve the efficiency of the existing operating models is strengthened.

If there is an sector that is advanced, disruptive and capable of bidding on the digitalization wave at great speed, it’s no doubt  that of entertainment and media. The companies in this space are not just fans of advancing society, but that they enable and inspire those who surround them. In order to respond to a public that is increasingly demanding and fragmented, companies must focus on the management and analysis of data and behavior patterns, this advancing to  future concerns  of the users. The objective of the companies is to arrive directly at their clients, to give details of their various preferences and to offer personal experiences that they can avoid with freedom.

The client seeks to increase income and protect the profitability of the business and offer adjacent services of value.Therefore, he chooses to diversify and substantially increase his presence in alternative channels, with a special interest in information security and in minimizing new vulnerabilities and operational, financial or reputational risks.These new considerations are just a small sample of the representatives that companies in the sector are facing. In addition to the need to be at the forefront of our new models of digital entertainment consumption.

The leisure and entertainment sector is becoming more diverse every day, for which the reason for the companies is to identify both the agility and the opportunities that offer a great deal of acceleration in digitization has increased the market share.

DOT Consulting's experience allows it to face the challenges of the future in the entertainment and media sector thanks to the experience of many years of working together with companies in the sector: it helps to rediscover and revitalize its purpose. Because we strive to create value for users, shareholders and society alike.

We support the client to identify new sources of growth, as well as the objective of increasing income while the company's internal digital transformation is complete.Guidance in the planning and implementation of the initiative, helping them to adapt to this new environment and promoting the competitiveness of the market.

At  DOT Consulting, we support companies to select the most beneficial technologies to their business models that allow them to maintain the exercise in a competitive market. And the organizations are equipped to adapt and innovate to speed up the exercise. From overcoming competitive challenges and threats to realizing the potential of digital technology and convergence, we work together with clients to create new possibilities.

  • Implementation of strategic plans: Roll-down
  • Optimization and operational excellence
  • Government models of entertainment entities
  • Preparation of organizations for growth
  • Digitization of the relationship with the client: new services