Business strategy and models

At DOT Consulting, we believe that having a clear view of the business model is a key factor in the definition of a company strategy that ensures present and future sustainability and growth.

To design strategies and business models we consider there are no secret or mysterious formulas. A DOT Consulting We know that no one knows your business better than you do, which is why we work closely with first levels of the organization in the search and construction of the best alternatives for sustainable growth and some lasting results.

Business strategy and models
Business strategy and models

You know your customer well. And this knowledge is essential for the design of growth strategies of a company. Both the current customer and what is to come.Markets and customers have evolved a lot recent times and will remain in this dynamic of constant change.

DOT Consulting provides its clients with the knowledge, experience and methodology necessary for a proper management of market uncertainties in order to find new alternatives to business strategies and models.

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  • Knowledge management
    Creation of mechanisms, systems and work dynamics for the continuous capture of market information that ensures a deep knowledge of the customer and allow you to generate business strategies based on the knowledge gained.
  • Innovation and services
    Provide the organization with the necessary resources for constant creation and innovation. Use of tools and methodologies to maximize the creative capabilities of the organization.
  • Customer Experience
    Place the customer experience at the heart of the business and as a lever for differentiation. Design of products and services oriented to the new needs of the clients and monitoring their satisfaction (Customer Journey).
  • Business models (value proposition)
    Design of new business models based on the company's value proposition taking into account internal capabilities and the possibilities offered by the environment and the market.
  • Optimization of operating models
    New operating models that adapt to the company's strategies by modernizing the organization and the use of technologies offered by the market.
  • Growth models
    Design of go-to-market strategies to reach and retain new customers in a more digitalized environment or creation of new customer access channels and platforms using existing technologies in the market.