Organizational Transformation

Adapting to constant change

Today's world moves faster than ever. Change is constant. Digital and technological progress is accelerating the convergence of industries and ideas. The disruption between the physical and digital world forces organizations to constantly reinvent themselves.

Our organizational consulting unit supports clients in meeting these challenges to make their organizations more efficient and effective. Working side by side, we support our clients accelerate change and improvements in their organizations, as well as create collaborations with other organizations.

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Organizational Transformation

We collaborate with our clients to
anticipate, innovate and transform for the future

At DOT Consulting we combine our sector experience and organizational knowledge to develop and implement high-performance processes and organizations.
  • Polyhedral organization

    We help our clients prepare their organizations for the future by employing a unique assessment framework to report on current status, development gaps, and setting directions for organizational development.
  • Assessment of competences

    We help define what is truly unique about a company and place an emphasis on leveraging core competencies through strategic architecture and learning within the organization.
  • Restructuring process

    We support our clients maintain control over the process from start to finish by managing the process, partnering with law firms as expert advisors to ensure focus and accuracy from start to finish.
  • Organizational design

    Our goal is to support our clients gain a competitive advantage by designing and implementing the organization that best suits our client's purpose.
  • Post-merger integration

    We support our clients manage post-merger integration according to specific sectorand company requirements.
  • Comprehensive control panels

    Balanced scorecards bridge the typical gap between well-defined strategies, outlooks, key metrics, actions, and budgets.
  • Change management

    We work with clients to develop their short-term change management capabilities as well as improve long-term performance.
  • Organizational learning

    We have been heavily involved in creating and shaping organizational learning in a large number of client situations.