Unlocking the scope of BPM

5 Steps to optimize your company

Let’s talk about BPM (Business Process Management). This is a methodology related to the production processes of the company. It is a key element that allows us to optimize our operations, improving management at the same time. Applying this method correctly, BPM ensures an increase in our productivity and efficiency, which can reach 50%.

At the core of the BPM concept are the optimization and automation of processes, making them more efficient while being more productive.

Now you know what BPM is and why it is used, you may be wondering: “How do I implement it in my company?”

The process consists of 5 phases:

1.       Design

First, we must analyze the processes already existing in the company and set new objectives that we want to achieve with this new methodology.

2.      Modeling

In this phase, you must study and analyze the objectives set in Phase 1 (design). Modeling must be given the necessary time, as it will be the one that defines the success or failure of the process. Think wisely!

3.      Execution

Once modeled, we must register and document them. Later on, we need to let those involved know the goals that have been set and how we want to implement them, here begins the implementation.

4.      Control/global

This phase is crucial, it is time to thoroughly monitor and analyze everything that has been applied so far. It is essential to extract data to detect critical points and to find an effective solution, thus, we will know the real effect of optimization and how we can improve it.

5.      Optimization

Now that we have already analyzed and implemented all the phases of the process, in this phase, we must analyze each step to improve it and thus reach the objectives set in Phase 1. As you will have noticed, you have returned to phase 4, which means that the process is being restarted, and will be in a loop, to achieve excellent results by reaching or even exceeding the proposed objectives.

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