The most challenging sector. Which, throughout history, has played a fundamental role in human progress, as well as a positive impact on all aspects of society. It is the supplier of products that are incorporated into 98% of the productive processes of the economy, one of the industrial sectors with the highest growth projection worldwide.


The employment created by the chemical sector is stable, as well as more productivity per employee. For those who are willing to submerge to the surface and understand how things really work, there is no greater area to work on than chemistry and materials. If it is possible that we do not use laboratory bats, we do share the fascination with the elements and we know how the changes of the market and the technology can change the commercial models.

The chemical sector is also considering sustainability. This is the topic on everyone's lips, and I hope that the chemical product companies will act quickly, and will continue to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources to find negative carbon solutions or change circular value chains instead of aligning them. That can mean defer and rebuild products, processes, supply chains or complete ecosystems.

The large chemical sectors are characterized by having productive processes for which they have made high investments to produce low adjusted costs. For us, it is very important to help our clients to prioritize the investments to be made according to strategic and operational criteria: from the incorporation of our products, to improve the productive efficiency or the assurance of productive capacity.

Operational excellence is one of the priorities of companies in the chemical sector. At DOT Consulting, we work together to support clients implement efficiency programs and optimize productive resources.To our clients of chemical products, we support to innovate products and processes, capturing the opportunities that generate new trends and assessing the technologies to acquire, accelerate,maintain and divert.

We have paid special attention to the reliability and flexibility of the supply chains so as to ensure the supply throught various supplier location strategies, establishment of client-supplier relationships or purchasing policies.

Also, it supports our clients to optimize the productive and maintenance operations with a high impact on the increase in the availability of the facilities, a greater efficiency in the productive management and an increase in the productive capacity of the plants.

Technological progress and social and economic change are remodeling markets, creating challenges and opportunities. How we do it, then, to maintain the efficiency that intervenes the rain for the sustainability of the chemical sector? From DOT Consulting, we can help find creative solutions to urgent challenges, supporting them to innovate, transform and prosper each time more complex.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness in operations
  • Millions of organization and operating performance
  • Investment planning and activity life cycle
  • Management of activity and reliability of the equipment
  • Millions of maintenance operations

Improvement of the quality maintenance

The company

The company is in the top 10 worldwide in terms of refining capacity. Its activity in the chemical sector focuses on the manufacture and sale of all kinds of petroleum derivatives products, including petrochemicals.

It has several industrial complexes in the Iberian Peninsula, 3 of which have facilities were petrochemicals are manufactured: ethylene, propylene, benzene, butadiene and other derivatives.

The challenge

The company wanted to ensure operational excellence by maintaining low costs, high efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and high availability and reliability, always under the highest security standards.

Another objective was the optimal knowledge management to allow maintenance plans to be adapted to the availability of the equipment.

One of the premises set by the client was that the new model had to be scalable to all the petrochemical complexes and adaptable to the organizational and productive characteristics of each of them.

Improvement of the quality maintenance
Our answer

To achieve this objective, DOT carried out a diagnosis of the current situation and a design of a new maintenance model to improve the quality and effectiveness of maintenance execution:

  • The new maintenance model was based on improving the efficiency of the process with a 15% increase in the FTT (first time through) ratio (from the improvement of maintenance requests to the control of rejections and job certifications)
  • Through the creation of new positions, a better coordination with production was achieved, resulting in a 20% increase in the fulfillment of the programming.
  • Coordination mechanisms were established with other critical areas (reliability and engineering) for continuous optimization and improvement of preventive and predictive maintenance plans.